Deborah Rice has been a full-time real estate agent for almost a decade working diligently with her clients to help them through the ever-changing real estate transactional process.  As a result of Deborah’s strong communication skills, extreme attention to detail, dedication and fair treatment of others, 85% of Deborah’s business is from referrals.  This level of success means Deborah earns repeat business from her many satisfied clients and fans.

The last couple of years the real estate industry has changed quite dramatically, faster than anyone realized it could.  In this environment, Deborah Rice’s extensive knowledge and problem-solving abilities are especially valued.  Always ahead of the game, Deborah Rice founded Tri-Cities Real Estate in Maryland in 2011 where she has refined her skills to provide complete customer satisfaction, as well as customized programs specially tailored for each of her clients.

Deborah’s success comes from two of her core values:  educating her clients and transparency in the real estate process from start to finish.  Deborah is not only “Computer Savvy,” but she also utilizes “Computer Marketing” and the “Internet” as business tools, which are very important in today’s marketplace.   If you are looking for a tough negotiator who is on your side and is always professional, warm and family-driven, then Deborah Rice is your best choice!

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